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The Flower of Life Crystal Grid Kit Crystal Reiki

The Flower of Life Crystal Grid Kit Crystal Reiki


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Crystal Grids are an ancient tradition. Crystal Grids can be used for a goal setting, manifest your intention, or  crystal healing. 

The Flower of Life evolves from the Seed of Life.

The Flower of Life Symbol is at least 6000 years old and may date back to 10,500 B.C. or earlier .


An effective way to perform Crystal Reiki is by placing our crystals in a grid layout.

Grids can draw energy in or send it outwards.

Crystal Grid layouts can often be more powerful than using a single stone or crystals


All Hand Crafted.  

Made of 100% cotton Cloth.

Grid Cloth Size; 9" x9 " ( 23cm x23cm )

The Flower of Life grid size; 8" diameter ( 20cm)


7 Chakra Crystals;

Amethyst (7th Chakra)

Sodalite (6th Chakra)

Chrysocolla (5th Chakra)

Rhodonite (4th Chakra)

Yellow Calcite(3rd Chakra)

Sun Stone (2nd Chakra)

Red Jasper(1st Chakra)


Total weight Crystal Grid kit: 60g