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Crystal Wand Rose Quartz & Honey Comb Orange Calcite


Handmade Natural Healing Crystal Wand, Honey Comb Orange Calcite & Rose Quartz. Mini travel-sized straight wand round both ends for gentle energy flow. It said Calcite has strong energizing and cleansing power.-Balancing emotions, remove, fear, and heals reproductive systems. Honey Comb Calcite activates the root chakra, Solar plexus chakra, and Third-eye chakra. Rose Quartz is often said the symbol of Love and Peace. Small size and you can hold in your palm. We cut from rough rock to craft these wands at our studio. Handmade. Rose activates the heart chakra Good size to grab and go.

Size;  Honey Comb Calcite; Approx. 43.54mm x 17.95mm

  Rose Quartz; Approx.40.90mm x 19.30mm

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