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Rock Shopping at Gem & Mineral Show

naomi nozoe

Posted on January 15 2017


Our new year of 2017 is going to shop rocks at Gem & Mineral show AZ.

We are looking for some specific rocks/slabs this time. Malachite is one of them.


Lucky to find a vender that had a lot of Malachite.

Next shopping lists were Sugilite and Charolite. As a power stone, they are believed to be most powerful healing stones. That was also said as high-end stones for jewelry. Keep asking Venders if they have these stones until we found. Finally, we found venders carry them even tiny pieces of them.

For our lapidary work, this Sugilite is quite small already, but it looks best colored and shape among them.


Also we got a slice of Charolite. We probably could make a few jewelry stones from it.



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