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Rock and Mineral shopping to Arizona

naomi nozoe

Posted on September 09 2016

Rock and Mineral shopping to Arizona

We love rockhouding, but that doesn't mean we can find all stones by it for jewelry we make. We check catalogs and do footwork visiting stores, searching from websites what we are looking for. Some stones are necessary to see our own eye before acquiring.

I have been looking for MOONSTONES that is specially called  Rainbow Blue Flash Moonstone (Commonly called as Rainbow Moonstone). The Rainbow moonstone reflect with UV light, showing beautiful color on it.  I have a few for ready to make jewelry in my hands, but I wanted to make different shape of moonstone for jewelry creation; one-of-the-kind of Jewelry.  Hoping to find rough stones for us to make own shape. So we drove about 4 hours to Quartzsite Arizona.

Rock and mineral stores have many kinds of stones, but not rainbow moonstone as I was hoping for. I finally found rainbow moonstones that  were tiny tumbled stones. I can not even get satisfying the color reflection.

Rainbow Moonstoe


The other stones I wanted was laboradorite Looking for piled stone tables carefully, I found rough raboradlite in one of rock stores. Picked a rock that reflect nice rainbow color though sun light. I can not wait to cut, trim, polish to see how the stone to be ready for jewelry


Because we want to deliver real beautiful natural stones harmonized with silver, gold, and copper, leather to jewelry lovers,  this action is one of our pride as jewelry creators.


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