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Purple Agate Chalcedony Rockhouding

naomi nozoe

Posted on September 26 2016

Purple Agate Chalcedony Rockhouding

Since I got small sliced purple rock from Valley of Fire from one of our Gem & Mineral club members, I have been trying to find the location that I can get the rocks by myself for a year. 

Deep Purple Agate

Finally, I had opportunity to join filed trip from our club rockhouding trip for the purple agate.

On the way to the site, a desert tortoise was jaywalking  on middle of pathway. 

Desert Tortoise

When we got a destination, our leader told us what kind of rocks we should look for. 

To get purple agate, we need to look for orange/brown colored rocks and break it to see inside. 

Purple Agate rockhouding site

For me, all surroundings look the same, just desert. Roaming around, pick some, break rocks with a hammer until I learned what kind rock I should be focus on. 

Some rocks are very white-ish chalcedony inside. Finally, I started spotting rocks that might be it.

Seeing inside of rock beautiful purple shows up. This is a joy of rockhounding. 

Nevada Purple Agate

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