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Patrified wood rock hounding

naomi nozoe

Posted on May 21 2017

Patrified wood rock hounding

Dry land, Las Vegas Nevada used to have water, big lake. As seen the one of evidence of water existed here is finding petrified wood, tree needs to water to grow.  Head to north from Las Vegas, near Valley of Fire state park, there are a lot of petrified wood you can collect. We joined rockhounding trip.

Petrified wood collection field by naoDesigns

We enjoy searching petrified wood.

nao&Tito Pertified wood rockhouding. naoDesigns

Petrified woods are everywhere on the ground where we stood. About 150 million years old petrified woods are stay here and now let us enjoy collecting them.

I can not resist taking selfie with petrified woods.

I am now looking forward to cut and polish them to see how they would come out.

P.S. No matter where we go for rockhounding or trip for buying rocks & stones, any cars we used for  travel, cars get pissed off. Luckily this time, our jeep shut down after we came back to home. Our cars get strong energy from rocks & stones like me. That is the only way I can describe and made me not upset with car breakdown especially stone related trips.


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