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Natural color or dyed one

naomi nozoe

Posted on June 30 2017

Natural color or dyed one

When we traveled to Sedona Arizona, one of things I love to do is to visit rock, mineral, crystal stores. Sedona is known as special energy retreat area, so I was excited to do my rock hounding at stores. 

One of our favorite stones all time is Turquoise. At mineral shop, we found some blue-green-ish turquoise stones that we never seen like that before. Turquoise are very soft, fragile, they are often treated, enchanted, stabilized work may necessary before lined up at jewelry stores. Although we love to craft jewelry with untreated natural turquoise, we accept some treatments of it when we buy them from stores.

Fake TurquoiseNot Turquoise

However, These "Turquoise" are not really like Turquoise. But I thought there are many turquoise I have never seen in the world. We decided buying and took to home.

Now we do our fun part, discovery of real or not the stones. We are not gemologists, so only we can do is cut the stone and see inside. A lot of time we find fake stones ( some are plastic like materials!)

It was dyed stone, not even Turquoise. Roberto's finger has the color stuck on when he cut the stone. So the stone are not good for our jewelry making. 

For some people, they don't much care if stones, crystals are not natural, dyed, enchanted some how or lab made as long as they are  beautiful, or call attention to it. That is good. For us, we really love natural stones, while we are crafting jewelry we feel appreciate what nature gives us. So natural stones less treated are the best for us and we love to say " the stone is natural, we cut and polished" 

How about you when you look for your special ones natural "Real stones" or not? 

Cutting fake Turquoise


Dyed material on finger




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