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First Friday Festival September 1 2017

naomi nozoe

Posted on September 03 2017

First Friday Festival September 1 2017

Las Vegas image may be a glitter city, excitement of entertainment experience, shows, concert, boxing event, and techno house clubs and DJs. 

Yet many may not discovered, Vegas has some festivals you may visit if you are local or you are in town in particular days. One is called First Friday Festival. it located around 18b art district. It holds once a month, fist Friday of a month. Vendors are hand-crafted artisans of many kinds, performers, drawing artists, food vendors all together the night. 

We, naoDesigns joined the Festival as vendor. As first time attendee, I had a bit nervous before the day come for preparation. We even make some of store setting tools, like display table, cloths, our brand store sign, weight for tent, etc. naoDesigns sign

It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with humid, all vendors finish setting up by before 5pm for the festival and wait to see visitors. 

First friday tent setting naoDesigns pup-up storenaoDesigns Fist Friday Vendors

Our store location was closed to end of the festival street, it was less traffic, however visitors walked all the way up to end of the street stopped by our store look around, picked items. Although I had a fist time card reader user at physical shop to swipe a card with a bit struggle to finish transactions, customers are vey patient, and give me warm word "we learn together", the others that I had to manually input information, they said me " take a time" and waited. Customers gives me grow and confidence as a shop owner, really learning experience for something new path of sales experience. 

At 11pm, all vendors started closing their stores. A half way of our clean up our store, a few customers came our shop and picked something they liked. The other said, " I heard about your store, so come to see if you still have a crystal?" " Do you still have a necklace I saw earlier?"  It was great experience and appreciate that some people liked what we have. Now those items are in new owners hands. I wish those items make them enjoy, happy whenever they see, wear, touch. 

Store visitorsStreet scene



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