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Chrysocolla Summer of Rockhounding

naomi nozoe

Posted on August 14 2016

Chrysocolla Summer of Rockhounding

We loaded Buckets, Chisels, Map for Chrysocolla rockhounding. We went once there and we have some kind of memory how to get there. However once get off road driving start, desert scenery made us confused. We turn around back to fork and choose other path, thought we found the mine that chrysocolla lay around near, but it was not the place.



                (We thought the color is too dark for chrysocolla)




When we decided go back the fork for choosing another path, we noticed we got flat tire, that no longer I can say flat, broken tearing apart tire. Today, summer heat temperature would go up to 110 F degrees. It was bit my mind telling me we might need go back home before any more trouble might arise.  While Roberto and his brother were changing tire, Roberto pointed west saying "that might be it."

I walked heading there to see if that was chysocolla field. It was!! The flat tire actually helped us to find there.


                 (Chrysocolla on the wall of mine)




We drove to there and started picking rocks. Beautiful blue, light blue, greenish, brown matrix chysocolla.

Enjoyed picking Chyscolla like selecting candy in store. Now we will work on transform those rock to beautiful stone for jewelry.

               (Getting inside abandoned mine to check Chrysocolla)


Chrysocolla Rocks

              (Chrysocolla lay around the abandoned mine)









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